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Our team is our greatest resource, which is why we hire people who are passionate about real estate, growing their communities, and committed to our values.

We owe our success to our people.

Being supported in your professional development, having your contributions and unique talents valued, feeling a sense of challenge and purpose, and being surrounded by a highly engaged team that loves what they do are just a few of the reasons to join us at Crombie.




IPO Date

46 Years

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Top Employers

We're proud of the awards we've won, including Atlantic Canada's Top Employer and Canada's Top Small and Medium Employers. These awards recognize that we're building a space where talented people want to work. That space, and those people, are our number one priority.

It’s important to love where you work!

Crombie isn't your typical REIT. And working at Crombie isn't like working anywhere else. Although we're spread across Canada, we're a tight-knit team all working toward one common goal: to enrich communities through long-term sustainable growth.

Competitive compensation, flexible work arrangements, learning and development opportunities, and some of the best colleagues in the industry are just some of the reasons to build your career at Crombie.

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As an organization, we collaborate together as one team
“Crombie empowers me to do what I do best. My colleagues are passionate about what they do and understand the value of teamwork. As an organization, we collaborate together as one team which is a strong contributor to the company’s success”.
Carla Quigley
Senior Director, Internal Reporting & Shared Services
Exciting transformation toward the future success of the company
“Crombie has evolved from a portfolio primarily consisting of community shopping centers, to include mixed-use, larger scale developments. This evolution and quality of our portfolio is an exciting transformation toward the future success of the company. Crombie’s strong relationship with Sobeys, our preferred partner, builds on this success and helps establish us as a leader in Canadian real estate”.
Karen Solursh-Smith
Senior Director, Leasing
Commitment, collaboration, integrity, and relationships
“From my perspective, the most important of Crombie’s guiding values are commitment, collaboration, integrity, and relationships. I feel that these values drive a business, and without them, it’s challenging to make forward progress or have a healthy culture. Crombie lives these values every day through its commitment to enriching communities, supporting its tenants, and empowering employees. This dedication makes me a proud member of the team”.
Ruth Martin
Senior Director, Investor Relations & ESG Reporting
Crombie leads with powerful guiding values
"I have witnessed our team live up to these values countless times throughout my career. Our commitment to delivering excellence together resonates with me most, as it calls for an understanding of each others’ needs and motivations, along with an appreciation of our talents and strengths. We often collaborate across many departments to support business and community needs. The outcomes of these cross-functional efforts are usually innovative, often hugely impactful, and always make me proud to work and practice public relations for Crombie".
Elizabeth Engram
Senior Manager, Marketing & Public Relations
Positively impacting communities across Canada with high-quality, sustainable real estate
“Crombie is driven by a collective goal, focused on positively impacting communities across Canada with high-quality, sustainable real estate. This shared objective allows the team to collaborate effectively and deliver strong results together, while staying inherently true to who we are. In planning and executing many exciting project opportunities at Crombie, I work with highly experienced and supportive colleagues who continually empower me to grow and excel".
Dukhee Nam
Senior Director, Analytics & Business Insights
Doing what’s right is at the foundation of each decision
“Our guiding values truly capture and reflect Crombie’s unique culture, and doing what’s right is at the foundation of each decision. This has been especially evident throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, where Crombie provided many forms of ongoing support not only to our tenants, but also to our team. Personally, Crombie has actively encouraged and supported my community involvement with various charities and business groups throughout my career. This speaks volumes to the type of culture and workplace that is fostered, and I’m proud to work for an organization that prides itself on creating these positive impacts”.
Matthew March
Senior Director, External Reporting
Honest, transparent communication
"When I began at Crombie, one thing that quickly stood out in my interactions with my colleagues was a true sense of authenticity. The signifier in each interaction was honest, transparent communication, and I believe this authenticity is apparent in each one of our employee-developed guiding values."
Fariche Alleyne
Property Manager
Our culture and guiding values enable our strategy and business objectives
“I'm very proud of our culture at Crombie, and how that culture, along with our guiding values, enables our business strategy. We have a driven and passionate team, and I'm excited to continue working together to achieve our business objectives."
Ashley Harrison
Senior Vice President, People & Culture