Maggie Keachie Puts Community First

By Meredith Hynes
December 11, 2023

Crombie is committed to enriching the communities in which we operate. Our team was proud to release Crombie’s 2022 ESG Report, which provided insights on our ESG journey.

From a Social perspective (the “S” in ESG), the primary drivers of Crombie’s social commitments are Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), building and attracting talent, and the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, tenants, and communities. We’re fortunate to have employees that share these commitments. Maggie Keachie, our Team Lead, Office Cleaning, at Crombie’s New Glasgow office, is a shining example of someone who dedicates a great deal of her time to her community, and prides herself on helping others.

Maggie is known by her teammates as welcoming and friendly, and incredibly hardworking. She is responsible for the common areas of our New Glasgow office, and ensures our team is equipped with the supplies they need. She’s known and appreciated for beautifying the office by caring for the office’s plants, decorating for festivities, and having great patience when teaching teammates how to use the Nespresso machine in the “Crombie Café” that she oversees. 

Her caring doesn’t stop at the office. Maggie donates her time and energy to some very important organizations. In 2021, Maggie joined the Marine Animal Response Society (MARS) as a First Responder Volunteer. MARS is a Nova Scotia-based charitable organization dedicated to marine animal conservation through response, research, and engagement. In her volunteer position, Maggie responds to the location of injured marine animals for assistance or recovery, and takes photos and measurements of the animals for the MARS lab in Halifax. Most recently, Maggie assisted with two marine animal recoveries in Nova Scotia: a great white shark that washed ashore near Ingonish, and a pod of dolphins stuck in the mud of the Annapolis Basin in Digby.

Maggie began volunteering with Pictou County Volunteer Ground Search and Rescue (PCVGSAR) in 2022. PCVGSAR has provided volunteer search services to Pictou County and Nova Scotia since 1996, and was created because of the need for a trained ground search and rescue resource for our community. While technology has advanced since its inception, PCVGSAR relies on its volunteers to respond to searches and support other teams throughout the province. Maggie is a “ground pounder”, which means she physically partakes in searches, and has training in map, compass, GPS, and two-way radio communications. 

Through her volunteerism, Maggie is continuously evolving and improving her knowledge and skill sets. Maggie is constantly pursuing certifications, participating in training opportunities, and delivering presentations about her vast knowledge in the areas in which she volunteers. Maggie recently obtained her Hug-a-Tree and Survive certification and presented to Summer Street Industries, an organization dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of communities, including adults with intellectual disabilities.

Thank you to Maggie for her tremendous dedication to enriching the community in which she lives.

Maggie pictured volunteering with PCVGSAR
Maggie pictured volunteering with PCVGSAR

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