Our Sustainability Commitment

Crombie is committed to enriching the communities where we're located.

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We have embedded sustainability principles into the way we operate since inception. Our sustainability strategy focuses on caring about the health and well-being of our team, and operating and developing our properties in a way that enhances local communities and protects our environment. 

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"Our values and commitments are more than words on a wall – we believe in doing what’s right in the long-term, even if it’s hard in the short-term. This mindset applies to the way we treat our employees, tenants, communities, and unitholders. Relationships are important to us, and integrity is at the heart of all our decisions."

Don Clow,

President and Chief Executive Officer

We are committed to collecting our sustainability data and measuring our performance, and will adhere to actionable processes in order to achieve our goals and live up to our commitments. Crombie’s sustainability commitment will continue to evolve and grow with updated standards and industry best practices."

Connect with Dan by emailing sustainability@crombie.ca.

Dan Bourque,

Vice President, Sustainability

Enriching Our Communities

There are people in our communities who need a helping hand to overcome challenges that impact their daily lives. Crombie is committed to working with organizations that help people realize their full potential, and optimal health and well-being. Some of those are highlighted here:


Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre

Crombie is proud to support this organization's work, focused on the unique needs of adolescents.

Dreams take Flight

Crombie helps fund a trip-of-a-lifetime for physically, mentally, or socially challenged children.

YMCA Strong Kids

We want to help give kids the opportunities to live healthier, happier lives.

Canadian Mental Health Association

We're committed to breaking the stigma and opening the dialogue around mental health.


Sustainability Matters

We're proud of our team's dedication that has led to BOMA BEST awards for several of our buildings. Our commitment to sustainability has a purpose of building a better future for our earth, but it's also nice to be rewarded for that commitment.

Environmentally Responsible

Our Environmental Sustainability Commitment ensures that our impact on the environment is part of our everyday decision-making processes and business practices. It also means that we're working to foster a corporate culture where every employee values the environment and understands their role in preserving it. 

Read our Sustainability Report

Green Buildings

All new major developments are evaluated for green building certification.

BOMA BEST Certification

We continue to earn and upgrade BOMA BEST certifications for our properties.

17.9M KWH

Total energy saved since we began the process of greening our office buildings in 2008.
Halifax, NS

Scotia Square

Category: Mixed-Use
Since we began greening our Scotia Square property in 2008, we have substantially reduced energy consumption and water use. More than 500,000 pounds of cardboard and paper are recycled every year, and the Halifax Cycling coalition has twice named us Halifax's Most Cycling-Friendly Landlord. Crombie was recently recognized with a Carbon Crusader award for use of the Ecopilot technology at Scotia Square.
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