Customers: what to expect when visiting our properties

By Elizabeth Engram
May 22, 2020

Across the country, retailers and businesses who closed temporarily due to the COIVD-19 pandemic are reopening, and we are eager to welcome our customers and communities back to our properties. We have taken a number of steps to protect the safety of our tenants, customers, and visitors, all in alignment with provincial and federal guidelines. A summary of our efforts is outlined here. We welcome questions and feedback. Please reach out to us by emailing

All Properties

  • Signage will be in place to remind you to practice physical distancing and follow directional arrows (where applicable).
  • Reduced touch points: doors may be propped open where practical and permitted by code.
  • Stairs and Escalators:
    • Keep right
    • No passing
    • Keep three stairs of distance between individuals
    • Where possible, we will designate stairs as UP or DOWN only
  • Crombie employees will wear non-medical face masks while at work, to help protect each other, and our tenants and customers, and are required to stay home if exhibiting new or worsening of symptoms that are not associated with allergies or chronic or pre-existing conditions.
  • All Crombie employees will receive COVID-19 OH&S training, and key site personnel will receive COVID-19 advanced cleaning training.

Additional Measures at Our Enclosed / Mixed-Use Properties

  • Designated entrances and exits – watch for signs telling you which doors to enter and exit through.
  • Arrows on floors will show you the route to take while walking through our properties. Please respect this flow. It has been carefully determined to allow physical distancing, and is an important part of creating a safe environment for you, our customers, as well as our tenants and our employees.
  • Elevators:
    • No more than 4 people will be permitted in an elevator (depending on elevator size) except in circumstances of same household members or customers with special requirements.
    • Passengers are welcome to wear a mask if they wish.
    • Floor decals in elevator cabs will show passengers where they should stand and which way they should face.
    • Security or Crombie employees, and/or instructional signage, will be positioned at each central elevator lobby bay to advise passengers of new protocols.
    • We will disinfect elevator touchpoints (buttons, handrails, doors) and apply disinfectant spray every hour.
  • Plexi will be installed at customer service desks. This will ensure physical distancing between our employees, service partners, and visitors.
  • Reduced and/or rearranged furniture will allow for physical distancing.
  • Food court seating is limited to allow physical distancing.
  • Hand wash stations will be located at entrances where possible.
  • Hand sanitizing units will be located in common areas.
  • Within washrooms:
    • Every second urinal and sink will be marked with signage advising against use, to preserve physical distancing.
    •  “Last serviced” signage will communicate Crombie’s commitment to providing a safe facility.
    • Government-issued signage will remind everyone of handwashing hygiene.
    • Floor decals and queue lines will communicate physical distancing key messages.
    • Door signage will indicate capacity of facility based on size.
    • Hand sanitizers will be positioned at restroom access points.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • We will open our enclosed centres for regular operating hours, unless provincial or federal governments require differently. Some stores and businesses may wish to operate under different hours, so we suggest you check directly with the store you plan to visit.
  • In areas such as hallways, where 6’ of distance cannot be achieved, and where we cannot implement one-way flow of traffic, signage will be installed to ensure our customers and visitors are aware of this limitation, and, where possible, we will have personnel on-site to manage traffic flow.
  • Members of our customer service teams will be on-site to guide our visitors and answer any questions you may have.
  • Limited services and amenities, including:
    • amusement rides
    • confectionery machines
    • stroller rentals
    • Wheelchairs will be properly sanitized between loans

Please feel safe visiting us

From the beginning of this pandemic, we’ve increased frequency of cleaning at all sites, with increased attention to high touch points such as elevator buttons, escalator handrails, entrance and exit door handles, washroom door handles and fixtures, etc.

In areas where COVID-19 cases have been confirmed or even suspected, we’ve completed a thorough sanitization.

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