Crombie’s Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Crombie’s Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

At Crombie we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, tenants, and communities, and are taking the threat presented by coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously.Our Pandemic Planning Team is comprised of cross-functional leadership within the organization and actively monitors and assesses the pandemic as it progresses, continuously reviewing business needs, and ensuring everyone in the organization is empowered to take the appropriate steps around coronavirus as it relates to prevention, vigilance, or for a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus in one of our offices or properties. This includes updating and implementing our Business Continuity Plans in response to guidance from the trusted sources noted below.


World Health Organization -

Government of Canada  -


Our Employees

According to updates and guidelines provided by trusted sources we continue to issue updates to employees, and have asked our employees to:

Cancel all non-essential work-related travel, both international and domestic, including inter-office;

Connect with their manager for clearance to return to work following personal travel;

Speak to us if a member of their team or someone in their household has been exposed to coronavirus;

Practice good handwashing techniques, use hand sanitizer, cough/sneeze into elbows, etc.;

Consult a physician if ill.

In keeping with guidelines to facilitate social distancing, we have also implemented a work-from-home office employee schedule for a portion of our workforce, ensuring technology solutions are in place to enable that capability with little to no disruption to business operations.

We have taken steps to postpone all in-person large internal meetings and are leveraging our video-conferencing technology to maintain open lines of communication across the organization. We have shared information from public health authorities that recommends social distancing (minimizing close contact with others in the community), and have requested that all employees cancel plans to attend work-related conferences, professional development and other large work-sponsored gatherings.

We are aware that the continued level of uncertainty around how the coronavirus situation will evolve may require us to take further decisions about working from home, meetings, travel, etc. to ensure the wellbeing of our people and we will do our part to support containment objectives of leading health organizations.

Our Tenants and Customers

Our Business Continuity Plan contains steps to mitigate the risk of business interruption and ensure that we continue to deliver the same level of service and experience that our tenants and customers are accustomed to. We are working with key vendors and service providers to maintain services to our buildings.

Our regular cleaning activities continue to be of utmost importance as a protective measure against the virus, both in our offices and at each of our properties. Health authorities have advised that regular cleaning practices should be increased, and we have done so by increasing the frequency of our cleaning efforts and ensuring a focus on touch points. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in all common areas and public spaces, and we have confirmed that this product is effective when used correctly.

We have been sharing updates with our tenants on a weekly basis and will continue to do so.